• Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Forget lemons, try Avgolemono!

    As I wrote about Pasolivo's Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, remembered my Picnic in Kerkyra I was thinking of all the wonderful ways to use a beautiful lemon.

    This soup is one of my favorites. My Greek friends, please feel free to chime in and offer corrections, stories, tips...but here's how your non-Greek friend does her version.

    Avgolemono is a very simple and heartwarming, yummy soup. Properly done, it should be thick and creamy though it is dairy- free. It will have a perfect balance of warm salty broth punctuated by bright lemony flavor.

    • 6-8 C chicken broth

    • 1/4C (or more to taste) fresh lemon juice

    • 3-4 eggs depending on their size and amount of broth you use

    • White pepper, salt

    • Chopped fresh dill or parsley

    • Drizzle of Meyer lemon olive oil

    1. Bring 6 C chicken stock to boil, add orzo or other small pasta.

    2. Cook until tender. (Here you can add optional addition of some shredded leftover roasted chicken or the leftover cooked rice if you’re substituting it for orzo.)

    3. Beat egg whites till frothy, medium peaks. Add yolks. Combine (I’ve also had fine results beating eggs together, but purists insist we must separate them first.)

    4. In a slow stream, add about three cups of hot (not boiling) broth to temper eggs.

    5. Add lemon juice.

    6. Return whole mixture to pot, slowly. Be sure pot is off heat and whisk as you go.

    To serve: I like to add some chopped fresh dill or chopped fresh parsley. A few good grinds of sea salt, a few good grinds of white pepper, and you are ready to eat.

    How about a little drizzle of Meyer Lemon Olive Oil? Or, serve with grilled bread brushed with the divine oil?
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