• Monday, July 31, 2006

    Leaf Lard - I told you it rocks, so did Elizabeth Dougherty, apparently.

    I really should try to read my local paper more, it's just hard to be so regularly disappointed. Now, I'm put in my place. After writing about my Layoff Pie in Suite101 and telling readers about the difference, I discover a week and a half ago, someone at the Globe scooped me. Read Elizabeth Dougherty's article It's Back to Lard for Old-Time Pies for more info. She even gives mail order sources.

    Locally, Savenor's can also order it for you. At least I can contribute something! They also carry delicious Cape Gooseberries (pictured).

    So I've been served my just desserts, how about some pie for you? I bested my mixed berry pie of last week, with a blackberry-gooseberry pie this week. Our visiting cousin Dave was made to eat so many slices, he'll probably never eat pie again!

    Sorry Dave, thanks for being such a good sport!
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