• Friday, September 01, 2006

    Pie, Pie, Pie

    I can now bake a pie from scratch, from memory! Who'd a thunk it?

    It was an epiphany, me a non-baker, able to whip up a pie from memory and from scratch. It goes to show that anyone can. It's also a reminder that fear has no place in the kitchen.

    There's such delight in a perfect . Everyone should try it.

    This is the blackberry pie I brought to our friends Tom and Leslie and their new little darling: Gabriella.

    Taking a pie to a friend is a wonderful thing - but how? In my childhood, there were things called Tupperware. They made something you could carry a pie in. I've looked everywhere for this pie carrying thing. Not at Williams-Sonoma. Not at Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Quest for the Pie taker: Success on the 'net!

    I won't kid you, when you find something like this and it's called an antique or vintage and the only place to find it is on a website called something like "Grandma's Attic"...well it can make you feel a little vintage yourself. But, as you can now plainly see, it is a superiour tool for carrying that homemade pie to friends.

    This was another, I think the last, blackberry pie. We're heading into apple pie, pumpkin pie season now...

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