• Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    Hog Heaven

    Because life is not the same without cured meats and it's getting harder and harder to find people who appreciate this.

    That is the answer to your question "Why?"

    "But Jackie" you say, "I haven't asked you why". You will. I know it.

    You will when I say to you - you must read this.

    And if you need further reasons, here they are:
    1. I've just gotten another shipment from Benton's Hams and my house is filled with yummy Hickory Pork-y smells. I've got meat on the brain.
    2. Because I happen to agree about Salami not getting it's proper due.
    3. I think McSweeney's is something everyone should read.
    4. I think this piece is written by that funny guy who recently did some really, really un-funny bad commercials for some sodapop. Life must be hard for him - we can all do our part to cheer him up. I must tell you that odds are fifty-fifty that I am mistaking the author of the very good salami prose for that actor guy. In which case, apologies are due all around.
    If you want to glory in more meaty stuff, here are some ideas:

    I got the current shipment from Benton's with the ham de-boned so as to avoid the Civil War Surgeon Scenario. Currently, the skin is in the middle of being turned into chicharron. MMMM me gusto! I'll let you know how this experiment turns out.

    Staub bouillabaise pot

    Tonight's Staub-centric dinner is Corn Chowder featuring some hickory smoked bacon. Here's how I did it:

    1. Sauteed bacon till crisp, removed from oil.
    2. Sauteed three peeled, diced Yukon gold potatoes, half an Ailsa Craig onion, one leek and a quarter of a bell pepper (all but potatoes from the market.)
    3. Deglazed with Vya vermouth.
    4. Added bay leaves, peppercorns, S&P.
    5. Added broth made by boiling 4 cobs from which corn was removed, in 1 carton of low sodium, fat-free chicken broth.
    6. Simmered until potatoes tender.
    7. Added corn.
    8. Added 2 Cups lowfat milk whisked with about 3 TBSP Wondra.
    9. Heated through. Mashed some potatoes in ricer, returned to pot.
    10. Added parsley, thyme and cayenne.
    11. Will serve momentarily with bacon bits on top.

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