• Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    Aaargh! I'lll Thank You for No Booty from China, Matey!

    Bad Chinese Booty

    I'm speaking of Veggie Booty of course, get your mind outta that gutter! Even a trusted vendor such as Robert's "American" Gourmet seems to have been selling us less than the genuine "American" article. As we now are learning, more and more of our toxin-tainted food is traced back to this model of safe and ethical practices, CHINA.

    While we award this monument to human rights suppression and environmental destruction with something as grandiose as status as Olympic hosts, we turn a blind eye to the tainted products churning out of this trade behemoth. It's not enough that pets are dying, people are sick from toothpaste with antifreeeze components, we now have a "healthy snack alternative" touted as "American" that comes with a healthy side of salmonella. Yum.

    People have got to demand better transparancy, closer scrutiny and begin buying from more local and trustworthy sources. Or not.

    Something Stinky in Gilroy

    I was stunned to learn that Gilroy Garlic sauce makers use cheap Chinese garlic, even while complaining about how lack of trade protection hurts them. I'm sorry but this stinking rose stinks to high heaven!

    You lose credibility when you raise the spectre of tainted Chinese products as means to support tariffs against competitors' product, but then you use it in your own "Gilroy" sauces.

    The garlic trade's lawyer artfully infers all types of safety issues, economic calamity and more with a subtle turn of phrase or two.

    Chinese Aquaculture - What's not Ti-Love?
    I told readers about the so-called "Zero Toxin Fish" . Tilapia, which is being marketed as "TiLoveYa" by a Chinese-owned company whose web-site and company structure seemed, well, fishy, to me. Not only were the claims suspect "rain fed" equals "zero-toxins" but the only certifciations on their site were not for any organic, or natural, or aqua-culture methods. Reading the fine-print it was something like plant safety, if memory serves. I invited anyone from the organization to answer questions or send information and no one, to date, has responded.

    Except for one regulatory agency in the U.S. - now if I can only get them to hound Paula Deen's favorite polluters, Smithfield Foods.

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