• Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    Photo insights...

    So I'm flitting back and forth between three different things, as usual. Trying to find a way to upload photos to this blog template which seems to be quite impossible. One of the screens I have open is my "My Pictures" file...I notice with a laugh that the photo preview strip on the right currently has the following shots, top to bottom.

    Top - me slicing limes
    next - a row of beautiful little votive candles burning
    next - a neon sign with the words EAT inside a neon arrow
    bottom - a fluffy stack of gourmet potato chips

    Drinks, candle light, food...does this sum it up, or what?

    Some day, I have faith, I will be able to master the idiosyncracies of photos in the blogger format...for now, patience.
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