• Sunday, September 10, 2006

    Foie gras means what in Cajun slang?!

    A Tuscon reporter, Greg Hanson, answers questions directed to "Dear Mr. Football"
    In his piece, published September 9th, he answers a readers question about the Arizona - LSU game.

    Dear Mr. Football: Is LSU overconfident?

    A. At the Baton Rouge airport Friday, a group of UA fans were waiting for their luggage. A guy in an oversized LSU-purple jersey walked up and said, "You guys are foie gras.''

    One of the Arizona fans, wearing a Wildcat T-shirt, asked him to spell it. "F-o-i-e g-r-a-s,'' the man replied. The UA fan looked stumped.

    "Goose liver,'' said the LSU fan. It's a Cajun word for underdog.

    I'll have to confirm that with my Cajun sources, but for the record the final score was LSU 45 - Arizona 3.

    What's the Cajun word for spanking, I wonder?
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