• Sunday, December 31, 2006

    Reflections & ruminations

    • Scott Baio and Paul Begala;
    • George Clooney and Ann Coulter;
    • Lady Diana and The Edge;
    • Enya and Melissa Etheridge;
    • Laurence Fishburne and Woody Harrelson;
    • Boy George and James Gandolfini;
    • Martin Gore and George Foreman;
    • Tawny Kitaen and kd lang;
    • Isaac Mizrahi and Barak Obama;
    • Ralph Reed and Dennis Rodman;
    • Amy Sedaris and Heather Locklear;
    • Forest Whitaker and Leif Garret

    Give up? All these assorted characters were born the same year as moi!

    Interesting food for thought, eh? What do we learn by mulling over this list?

    My observations: Entertaining, well-accessorized, inspirational, independent, provocative, great with eye-liner...if I have achieved any of this in my 45 years on this planet, it's not bad. Hopefully, I've done as much and more and I vow to continue my "What About Bob?" baby steps progress toward a better me in the second half of my life.

    At least I started my day with a chocolate & gelato breakfast, watched gorgeous snow fall, had a champagne lunch, spent it in jammies with my boys on the couch and the Grinch on the tube. Ended with a divinely decadent dinner, chocolate souffle dessert and port. (I'll worry about the cholesterol tomorrow.)

    And remember, I'm not 4o-something, I'm "double-legal" - sounds more fun, doesn't it? Thanks Catherine!

    And many thanks to everyone who made this day, and this year, so wonderful. I am humbled and enriched by all the amazing people in my life.

    Peace to everyone in my, oops I mean, the new year!

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