• Friday, September 15, 2006

    Why Boston is Better Than Chicago - reason #3

    The Chicago city council bans foie gras. In the face of pressure, the reason is variously given as "health concerns over fat in Chicagoans' diets" or "animal cruetly" (legislator talk for: "I caved in and pandered to a small special interest group.") Two of the CCC have split now and admit their regret at voting for the ban, by the way.

    When one of our state senators, Jarrett T. Barrios, proposed a ban on the fluffernutter sandwich, others rose to the challenge; with a proposal to make it the state sandwich.

    Something's seriously wrong when your first instinct in response to something you disagree with is to propose a ban. What ever happened to civil discourse? Talking to the school's principal in the case of the fluffernutter scandal? Why always resort to moralizing and legislating? He now says he was trying to raise the issue of school nutrition. So, Jarrett, what happened to your interest in that worthwhile topic? Apparently, it's vanished.

    As usual, the coverage in the Globe was a bit convoluted and so we turn to The Christian Science Monitor for clear-headed analysis.

    As Ethan Gilsdorf points out, the real issue is one of school nutrition standards and our state legislators failed us once again. Rather than serve fluffernutter finger sandwiches why not serve your constituency and actually tackle school nutrition?

    I guess we could always get Jamie Oliver on the job...

    [reason # 1 - we have a real ocean, not just a big lake]
    [reason # 2 - Sox broke their curse; Cubbies...?]
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