• Monday, October 29, 2007

    Teach a Man to Fish Update - Second Course

    Pop quiz answers, as promised:

    1) Which NASCAR driver cares about conservation and has an award-winning recipe in our Sustainable Seafood event?
    Ryan Newman. That's right. His award winning beer battered catfish recipe is part of our roundup! Click here to see what other great things he's doing for conservation, for animal shelters, and more.

    2) Which entry comes from furthest away from Boston?
    Let's see, Croatia wins (roughly 4,178 miles) unless you count the origin of the Kerala, India recipe (8,271 miles....)

    3) Which newspaper was first to carry our story?
    The Herald, here.

    And although these guys have nothing to do with sustainable seafood, except maybe that they were not killed through bad fishing practices...here's one of my favorites from the Aquarium....I just love these guys!

    Final roundup nearly done...


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    Blogger DJM said...

    I know my location is undisclosed, but Isolationville is a bit over 4500 miles from Boston.

    12:59 PM  
    Blogger JacquelineC said...

    I was wondering...it looks gorgeous, your backyard. But still not further than Kerala! The strata looks fabulous, too and your blog is great. Hope this round up brings you some deserved attention!

    1:36 PM  

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