• Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Bobby with Orange Fingers*

    Sometimes junk is okay. Like Cheetos. I love Cheetos. They're light and airy and cheesy. They are a color not found in nature and only found occasionally in unnatural items such as Bears throwback jerseys.

    Last night, after the Sox beat the Rox in Game 3 (did you know that our pitcher Matsuzaka now has a .500 batting average?! At least until he bats again...) but after we replayed all the highlights and went to bed, I was still too jacked up to sleep.

    So I picked up a book: Anthony Bourdain's

    I finished it in one read. As an excruciatingly slow reader, this is not common for me. But here is what I was left with. No beautiful turns of phrase. No nuances. No epiphanies or insights. No characters that will remain with me, like someone I just met at a party.

    But, when you have a junk food craving sometimes a half bag of Cheetos will do. Salty, cheesy, no high expectations, but a little something. Just a fix.

    At about 5 AM I realized that was what Bobby Gold was. And no orange fingers after.

    * Each chapter is entitled: "Bobby in Color," "Bobby at Work," "Bobby the Diplomat."
    Straightforward aspiring-to-Elmore prose.

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