• Friday, October 05, 2007

    Truthiness and Tacos

    It's been hard to order a meal anywhere in Boston without thinking about the state of Inspectional Services and supposed "high end" eateries lately. I can't help it. I keep looking to see if there's a mouse dining on leftovers on a nearby table (Figs) or wondering about the chicken salad left out, the mice in the cooler next to outdated burgers (Aquitaine), the can of Raid on the bar (Smith & Wollensky.)

    Bugs, mice, poorly trained or uncaring managers and employees. Here's some truthiness for you my dining friends: it happens all the time.

    The next time your meal goes racing through you faster than Julio Lugo stealing second base*, remember this: 76 million people contract food borne illnesses each year but only about 5 million die.

    The Mayor's Inspectional Services team is several years late making good on his promise to post violations and give us the info we need to vote with our feet. Good job Mumbles! I know budget shortfalls, tough fiscal times, but guess what, other cities and states do it. We can too.

    Ken Oringer as Scarlett O'Hara

    He was the Scarlett O'Hara of the code violators we visited in August's post: Menace in the Kitchen Claiming that he "wasn't interested in discussing" the six serious code violations and that "we're very friendly with the Board of Health, we've never have any problems". I don't know about you, but I would call six serious violations issued by friends (how many did they let slide?) "a problem." He then invites us "make of them what you will." Well, fiddle-dee-dee.

    La Verdad? The Truth?
    Scarlett - I mean - Ken's new place is really good. These tacos are some of the most authentic I've had outside of Southern California. This bar-cum-taqueria on Landsdowne Street would be a little frightening for me packed with drunken Sox fans. A recent weekday when the only people near Fenway were TV crews and fans buying ALEast Championship shirts, it was invitingly empty.

    Three fish tacos, three beef tongue tacos, some Oaxacan wings and two margaritas with fresh lime only set us back about $45.00. The food was fresh, pretty authentic and only a little too fancy (special "mayonesa" I have not seen in SoCal.)

    Bottom line: Scarlett has better hair, Ken has better tacos. Eat at your own risk and just be sure there's a potty near by. I'd say the risk is worth it. Sad to say that may be a ringing endorsement in Hub these days. Truthiness.

    (*photo Getty Images)

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