• Monday, November 05, 2007

    Breaking News: NBC Proves It's Green and Stoopid

    Patriots Win - NBC Loses - It's a Rout!
    If I wanted to watch my NFL Sunday Game (Pats won, thank you for asking. And yes, they are undefeated) by candlelight I would have to be demented. What fool of a marketing intern convinced you guys this was a good idea? Though Costas does look better in the dark...

    They explained the network is committed to "being green" and this move would "save as much energy as it would cost to heat an average home for a month."

    So what if you guys did every show in the dark? Maybe if you didn't do a show at all? What if you guys took public trans to your studio instead of limos? What if you didn't send Matt Lauer (cue the shot: ridiculous parka next to an igloo) TO THE ARCTIC? Hello --- can you say carbon footprint? How many dark football shows will I have to endure to off-set that trip?

    So stoopid. Cut to Madden and Buck: laughing about the Eagles owners and how "green" they are since they bought the team franchise for a few hundred thousand and it's now worth bazillions..."yeah, heh heh heh, they're really green now, Joe."

    Res ipsa loquitur - as we say in law. The thing speaks for itself.

    Reminds me of the Gore-Green concerts...held at stadiums with no public trans access -so people had to drive their SUVs to see the stars come out to pledge being green (you mean give up my Lamborghini? Like, before I crash it?) The BBC flew their reporter here and organizers flew our stars there...Organizers carrying around plastic bottled Fiji water...

    Yes, we've got "massive potential for growth." That was the phrase an old boyfriend used each time he screwed up royally, that was supposed to be the reason I'd hang in there with him.

    Meet me at the Intersection of Green and Yummy
    I discovered a new site tonight: EarthLab. Mario Battali (whose new book title reminds me of a constipation cure) provides some recipes, they show him zipping around on his Vespa, and, of course, he hawks his wares. I think buying more stuff is kinda not what we should be doing for the planet.

    Anyway, there might be some good useful stuff there. We'll see - at least the lasagna looks good. I guess if Mario's recommending Italian wine on his Earthlab column, I don't have to worry about the Locavores scolding me, right?

    Surf and Turf

    Up to my gills in sustainable seafood lately, as you know. It's been grand, but sometimes a girl just needs a steak. Welcome to the neighborhood, Morton's.

    In a grand fashion, Morton's hosted benefit for the Boston Public Market as well as a soft opening for the newest Morton's restaurant. Smaht as we say here in Boston, wicked smaht. The food was plentiful and fabulous. Servers were eager to serve. Wine was almost always in reach and I made friends with the man at the oyster station. Mais, bien sÛr. Of course we made reservations for dinner the very next night. And was it good.

    One of the hallmarks of a good steakhouse is whether they can make a perfect martini. Check. Hendrick's, but no cucumber slice.

    Then, do you get gracious service? Check. Fabulous, aged steaks? Check. Beautifully prepared sides? Potatoes, of course. Garlicky fresh, crisp green beans. Check. Check. Check. By the time we got our check, I was fairly glowing, happy girl, doggie bag in hand. Nothing like a little (prime-aged ribeye) steak and eggs for breakfast.


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