• Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Morning Latte - Bring Back the Words

    It's almost time for my morning coffee (usually about your lunchtime) but I'm powering through getting one more thought down..."on paper" as we used to say.

    I'm thinking about the skit on some old SNL show with Farrell & Oteri as morning talk show hosts like Regis and fill-in-the-blank-blonde-du-jour....I believe the skit was called Morning Latte.

    The talking heads' monitor goes out and they go from preternaturally chipper and overly enthusiastic to savages. Lord of the Flies-style. Completely unglued because "the words have gone away....why, why - why have they gone away?!"

    I think they even try burning sacrifices, desperately hoping to "bring back the words, bring back the words..."

    Well, those of you who know me, may have a notion where this is leading..

    As I struggle to make a living as a freelance writer (part of the explanation for my absence here the last few days) I laugh about the "stars" who cannot get up and do a show - even if it's a talk show - w/o the writers to give them words.

    We value the celebrity, but forget that the entertainers are not the clever people that make us laugh, they are (for the most part) the ventriloquists' dolls. The words come from someone else.

    If I had a nickel for every "opportunity" to write for someone for no pay - I could afford to write for someone for no pay...

    But the New York Times has a "Cheer up scabs - this is an opportunity!" piece running today. That should kill the folks who want to paint the NYT as nothing more than a liberal rag...and just a few more parting thougths:

    1. Below the Line - is an industry term for all the folks employed in trades related to the film trade: grips, makeup, cleaners, trailer and storage rentals, think of the tons of people who are out of work by choice or by layoff.
    2. As the studios spin their message: "We don't know about this scary new world of the Internet, who can tell how to calculate profits? how to divide them? we need a study!" Take a look at t his video - pretty disgusting when you think of the main arguments put forth by the studios about why they can't pay writers a share of new media profits.
    3. If you want to see some "person on the street" quotes (maybe yours) and get a peek inside The Business of the Movies, check out one of my new gigs. Click here: BoxOffice.com On the Street. Or you can see my by-line on the new Sidney Lumet movie, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, click here. Truthfully, I'm not sure but I think we're supposed to be boycotting movies right now.

    Other stuff:
    I've also begun a sports blog The Sixteenth Minute - and have some interesting related projects cooking (so's to speak) in that arena. Stay tuned for those. Take a look and drop a comment letting me know what you think.

    On the way to see Sweeney Todd, we had dinner at Troquet. I asked for the Sweeney Todd Pot Pie special, it got a laugh...and dinner was great. More soon on that, but short word is this: familiar dishes executed really really well with just enough imagination that no one will be scared.

    Enthusiastic staff and terrific food, great wine list. I'm going to go back for a wine/cheese flight and will report more, hopefully soon.

    Another great meal with friends we brought to Gourmet Dumpling. If you missed my earlier exhortation: GO. See "Eats, Shoots, Leaves."

    Also go see Wicked at the Opera House. Fab. Trying to think of what really emerald green thing I can make to eat while I try mastering "defying gravity!" (the f*n theme song for any woman my age staring down the next birthday..)

    y que mas....what else you ask? What will you see when I bring back the words?
    I've been working on a travel/restaurant guide comparison piece; holiday pieces; how to do a cheese plate; beer tasting; kitchen appliance innovations; phew...just too much on my plate.

    That, for a writer, is a good problem to have.

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