• Thursday, July 06, 2006

    Go Commando! Grill commando, that is...

    I love grilling.

    I love the heat, the smoke, the charring, the meat.

    I love grilled vegetables. I love grilled fruits.

    I love rubs, marinades, flavored oils for grilling.

    I love Weber grills. One day I will again have a proper outdoor grill space. Now, I love my indoor DeLohngi grill.

    I love – hate the military. I grew up a “military brat” and have always had a love-hate relationship with anything military.

    I was terrified of the first Marine I met. It was college and he was a brother of some girl in my dorm. Larger than many of the walls in the dorm, he described in his very measured and soft voice how he’d just learned how to kill a man with his bare hands. Suddenly, I remembered a test I had to study for.

    Now, I can say, I have scared an ex-Marine away. That’s a story for another day, perhaps.

    But here’s why today – I share renewed love for the Marines and resurrect my love for Weber Grills!

    As with many a grand idea, this one was borne of that special moment of insight spawned by burgers and beers. Representatives of Weber Grills and of the Marines hatched a plan to hold grilling competitions, create a cookbook and use the proceeds to support charities that support Marines and their families.

    Every cent of the $10 purchase price of the book will go to support four charities.

    Please check out the website, Command of the Grill and buy the book for your favorite grill master, grill maven, Marine, ex-Marine, yourself.

    For the price of a couple of beers, you can support soldiers and their families and get a couple of great new ideas for your next cookout, too.

    Photo courtesy of Weber grill website.
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    Blogger Michael said...

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    1:16 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I love grilling, and I love meat, and I love wearing my meat-lovers shirt when smoking out my favorite cut. Got mine at www.cafepress.com/UncleFrog ... where did you get yours? Love it when a new age vegan dresses me down.

    7:02 PM  

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