• Thursday, October 05, 2006

    Here's to James Allardice and his (ahem) Entrepreneurial Spirit!

    The things you learn from those clever marketing folk...

    Reading the package of my most recent purchase (recommended and delivered by the wonderful staff at Bauer Wines), I discovered a tale to warm your heart. Maybe that's the whisky talkin' but never you mind...hear me out, it's a good story.

    Seems the good Mr. Allardice, way back in the early 1800's, was pioneering wood-finishing single malts. Deciding the world was in need of his fine product (The Glendronach Original 12 year old, double cask aged). He shipped a barrel to Edinburgh and went door to door to every purveyor he could find. To no avail.

    Enter another entrepreuneurial lot: ladies of the night in Cannongate, Edinburgh.

    The story continues: Retiring downhearted to his hotel he was accosted by two young women who asked him to buy them a dram. "Buy ye a dram?" he exclaimed, "I'll gie ye a dram."

    And a star was born. So raise a glass and in this rare occasion, no matter what the company, I'd say "Cin cin!" is an appropriate toast! For an explanation of what that seemingly benign toast means, see "Cin Cin for Shabu?".
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