• Friday, October 12, 2007

    Pregnancy Cravings - No, Not mine! Don't worry.

    A great new entry in a great new blog, Cookthink. Check out the post on a new baby who was possibly induced to come into the world by a Bittman recipe. (Does anyone else think his show's theme song sounds like a bad bar mitzvah band? I love it.)

    It'll be interesting to see if the little one has an affinity for those flavors his Mommy ate before his birth. I always thought my love of blueberry pie had some connection to blueberry pie cravings my Mom had while I was in utero. She doesn't even like sweets and they were in Tokyo...

    If Mom ate oysters would she have a nymphomaniac? For you wise guys out there, who know how much I love oysters and well...the answer is, I have no idea whether my Mom ate them while preggers with me.

    • I recall someone doing something with an egg over my Mom's belly and pronouncing that my brother would in fact be a boy.
    • I've heard craving bland foods means a boy, spicy means a girl.
    • Dominicans say not to walk under a guanabana tree. Chinese say no squid or crab as it will make the baby cling, making delivery difficult.

    What are some pregnancy cravings, food affinities, food-birth stories or myths you've heard?

    And in honor of Sustainable Seafood Month, did you all catch the headline that caught my eye? After all the warnings about mercury in seafood, I saw some coalition called "Healthy Babies, Healthy Mothers" announcing that it is now safe for pregnant and nursing mothers to consume seafood.

    Apparently, they neglected to tell NIH, FDA or Health and Human Services that they were making this announcement, even though those government watchdog agencies are coalition members.

    Read carefully and you'll find they just received a $60,000 grant from the National Fisheries Institute.

    Does this stink like old fish or what?

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