• Thursday, February 08, 2007

    The Dairy Queen Rocks

    Not just the one with dip cones...
    The Dairy Queen I'm talking about today writes at the Ethicurean. If you are interested in S/O/L/E food issues at all this is a hard-hitting, fun, snarky, well-written and informative blog. The Dairy Queen is one of their terrific team of writers.

    I told you - these little piggies seem to be following me! I cannot keep them at bay...Today I learned about the Pork Board harassing a breastfeeding Mom for, get this, using her slogan "The other white milk". Saying it infringes on their campaign. Maybe they could just spend a minute thinking before they fire up the legal team. While they're at it, why not sue the makers of the movie "Blue Lagoon" for infringing on their pink lagoons of toxic pig processing waste...okay, I'll stop now. (click here for a photo)

    I promise, I do read news elsewhere, too! Thanks once again to Team Ethicurean...

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    Blogger DairyQueen said...

    Awww....! you're too nice! Thanks for the plug. we're getting lots of help finding our tasty news, it's more of a blog potluck. And I do intend to do *something* about that Smithfield tip you left me, but my first few forays have not panned out.

    1:41 AM  
    Blogger Michael said...

    Ethicurean both had better watch out, too. Their use of "Chew the Right Thing" might get them sued by Spike Lee for infringing on his movie Do the Right Thing. For that matter, Bonnie might get sued by the DQ that dips cones. Hey, did you hear about the Nebraska State Senator suing God? Not that he doesn't have a reason, but this is getting out of hand (says the law firm employee to the recovering attorney...).

    3:52 PM  

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